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07 Dec Article “Smart transportation infrastructures and the future”, published in Government Europa: STA’s President José F. Papí explains how smart mobility is impossible without smart transportation infrastructures


Smart mobility is impossible without smart transportation infrastructures.
Our lives are becoming ‘smart’: we enjoy smartphones, our urban environments are evolving into smart cities, and our automobiles are incorporating smart features, assisting our driving and increasing our safety. In this context, smart transportation infrastructures are a key player in a changing world, becoming more competitive and cohesive every day.
With some minor geographical exceptions, in general people and goods will be moving around the globe further and faster. Roads being the essential link in the modal chain, transportation systems will become fully integrated, allowing travellers and freight to switch seamlessly between modes and across borders. All major airports and seaports will connect to the rail network; intermodal terminals for passenger and freight should be ‘smartly’ designed and equipped accordingly. In the case of freight, cooperative systems, seamless trans-shipment and smart route design will lead to the sector’s optimisation.
The world needs smart transportation infrastructures that are able to process the vast amount of information collected in real time and provide the most effective transportation services to businesses and citizens alike.
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