STA in Action


04 Jul STA welcomes a new member: Transpolis

TRANSPOLIS is the unique smart city lab in Europe dedicated to innovative transportation systems and road equipment. TRANSPOLIS offers a 200-acre site for the reinvention of urban mobility solutions through systemic innovation and strategic partnerships.

TRANSPOLIS S.A.S. is a privately held services company created in 2011 by 7 major international players: RENAULT TRUCKS, COLAS, AIXAM (POLARIS Inc. USA), VIBRATEC, EVE SYSTEM, ADETEL and the research center IFSTTAR. Our mission is to help our clients innovate in the field of urban mobility and intelligent transportations systems.

Before 2011, TRANSPOLIS has been incubated by the french cluster LUTB transport & mobility systems.

The commitment of the founders reflects their understanding of the urgency to design and implement major innovations that will anticipate future needs in urban mobility and transportation systems.

TRANSPOLIS is developing the UNIQUE SMART CITY LAB at scale 1 in EUROPE for urban mobility and innovative transportation systems, a place where French and international groups innovate with a systemic approach (vehicles, energy, networks and telecoms, road equipment, infrastructure, IoT…).