STA in Action

18 Apr STA welcomes Joseph Marra as new member of the STA Management Committee


Joseph Marra of GDTech (Belgium) has been appointed as new member of the STA Management Committee. Joseph Marra graduated as a Civil Engineer and holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Liege, Belgium.

Joseph Marra’s career in the field of road safety spans since 2003 when he started working at the University of Liege’s Material Mechanics department. After two years, he joined ArcelorMittal’s Research Centre for Construction where he started as a calculation engineer of roadside safety equipment, to end as Program Leader of the Civil Engineering department in 2012. At that moment, he joined the company GDTech as a business development officer mainly focusing on developing the activity of simulation using LSDYNA in the crash & dynamic segment (including Roadside Safety Equipment).

He has been active at the European Road Federation since 2005 and at the Smart Transportation Alliance since 2017. He has served as one of the Belgian and French experts for the elaboration of CEN’s EN1317 and EN12767 within Technical Group 226. As a GDTech representative he also participates at TRB meetings related to NCHRP350 and MASH. GDTech is active in supporting accident reconstruction activities in various countries providing different services among which simulations using software such as PC-Crash. Finally, Joseph is representing the association EUDARTS in the French speaking zones (FRDARTS) concerning the use of data retrieved from boxes in cars that are involved in accidents.