STA in Action

18 Jan STA Welcomes its 14th Member: CSI S.p.A.

The STA leadership has unanimously approved membership for CSI S.p.A. (Italy).

Founded in the early 60s, CSI is a multipurpose Certification and Behavioural Analysis Centre operating in an international context, with a wide offer diversified in terms of technology and sectors.

CSI has laboratories equipped with advanced testing and diagnosis equipment, analysis and data processing, and teams of engineers, physicists, of microbiologists, formed in the school of applied research through collaborations with universities and European research centres.

Activities range from the automotive industry, civil, railway and naval construction, to food industry, transports under controlled temperature, analysing and verifying the behavioural aspects related to safety, even in the most critical use conditions, and identifying the best solutions.

Alongside the laboratory activities, it is very significant the commitment to certification of business management systems, mandatory product certification (CE) and voluntary certification of chemical and hygienic risk of food (BRC) and packaging (BRC-IOP) as well as the traceability of the food chain.

CSI’s specific focus on safety, technology and transport innovation aligns perfectly with STA’s vision of promoting the Smart Transportation Infrastructures of the Future.