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29 Jun STA TC2 on Smart Safety and Security releases Road Restraint Systems Deployment Guidelines

In line with STA’s mission to lead and support activities improving the methods, technologies and standards associated to transportation infrastructures, the STA Technical Committee on Smart Safety and Security (TC2) has released the STA Road Restraint Systems Deployment Guidelines. This tool is aimed at road operators, road agencies and road safety experts at large, and in addition represents a valuable source for research purposes or just citizens’ awareness.

The main objective of the STA Deployment Guidelines is to provide fundamental information to assess the suitability of safety barriers for different types of road infrastructure configurations and traffic conditions, while highlighting influencing factors to hazardous spots. In particular, this tool takes into consideration the following traffic and infrastructural characteristics: i) permitted speed, ii) volume of vehicles or trucks, iii) possibility of sliding, and iv) distance to the areas or obstacles to be protected in a given road section.

Based on the above characteristics, the tool issues technical recommendations on the most suitable barrier type and its proper installation, providing information about the containment level (including the minimum requirements) and working width.

The use of the Deployment Guidelines is intended solely for an informative purpose and any party receiving them must sign a legal disclaimer accepting that it is the user’s responsibility to validate that a specific product is suitable for use in a particular application.

The Guidelines can be obtained writing to info (at)