STA in Action

22 Apr New STA Technical Report reviews Smart City Needs and FIWARE-based Solutions

The Smart Transportation Alliance (STA) has served as partner of the EC-funded frontierCities2 (fC2) Incubation & Acceleration Programme (2016-2018) which has supported 18 FIWARE-supported start-ups in the Smart City domain.

Within the Programme, a task to map the needs of the cities (City needs mapping) has been undertaken with the objective of highlighting mutual opportunities for cities and start-ups in terms of successful implementation of FIWARE–based solutions[1] in the areas of:

  • Transport and Mobility;
  • Environment;
  • People;
  • Living;
  • Governance;
  • Economy.

The STA Technical Report 1/2019 reviews the methodology followed, based on a common online questionnaire submitted to both cities and start-ups.

Read the Technical Report here.

To learn more about the start-ups, please download the fC2 Start-up Catalogue here.