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18 Dec New STA Discussion Paper reviews the integration of EL-Vs in transportation infrastructures

A new STA Discussion Paper has been authored by Friederike Kühl and Francisco Aletta of Etelätär Innovation. It offers a resumptive insight into the key findings of light electric vehicle (EL-V) usage in urban infrastructures following pilots in 6 European cities under the framework of the ELVITEN project.

EL-Vs are special electric vehicles which use more powerful engines than “regular” e-bikes or e-scooters while weighing less than larger electric cars or trucks. Although they have proven to be a convenient addition in urban transportation infrastructures in the United States and several different Asian countries, their potential on the European market had not yet been explored in detail.

One of the main conclusions has been derived from observing the state of charge (SoC) of the vehicles’ batteries, which showed clearly that the batteries were charged mainly at the users’ home overnight. This means no specific adaptation to existing infrastructures is needed to ensure the wider market uptake in Europe – an important step towards a more sustainable and convenient transportation.

You can download the full paper here.