STA in Action

09 May Dr José Manuel Vassallo named as Chair for STA Technical Committee 4 (Smart Financing)

José Manuel Vassallo holds a Ph.D. in Transport Economics from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). He is Professor and Head of the Transportation Department at the Civil Engineering School (UPM), and a member of the academic staff of the Transportation Research Centre (TRANSyT) at the UPM where he leads the transport management and financing research area.

Presently, José Manuel Vassallo lectures on “Transport Economics and Planning” and “Infrastructure Management and Financing” in Madrid. During recent years he has specialised on transportation management and financing, infrastructure regulation, socioeconomic evaluation of projects, and public-private partnerships. In his academic career, he has published 6 books and more than 25 papers in prestigious journals.

José Manuel Vassallo has also received several awards for his research and publications. He has also worked for several institutions such as the World Bank, the Government of Chile, the Andean Corporation of Development, and the European Conference of Ministers of Transportation (now know as the International Transport Forum, ITF).

This professional experience is a major addition to the leadership of the TC 4 (Smart Financing). More about the Technical Committee is available here.