DP 1/2018 – Environmental impact of Vehicle Restraint Systems


25 Sep DP 1/2018 – Environmental impact of Vehicle Restraint Systems

The marketis becoming more and more affected by these arrangements: demands for sustainable and eco-friendly products are growing (ex. Green Public Procurement). Standardisation committees have worked in drafting international standards for the assessment of the sustainable use of resources and of the impact of products on the environment. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD®) are the certified sustainable ID- cards of products.

Due to the consumption of large amounts of energy and the production of high levels of CO2 – equivalent emissions, the transportation and construction sectors have not been spared by this sustainability wave. As a result, it is fundamental to consider environmental impacts when designing new solutions for road infrastructures and for construction of new road networks.

Authored by Patrick Le Pense (ArcelorMittal Europe) and Claudia Cofano (CRM Group – AC&CS), this Discussion Paper describes the potential of EPD® for the evaluation of the environmental impact of vehicle restraint systems. The paper is available for download here.