25 Aug The SMARTI-ETN European Training Network kicks-off

The Smart Transportation Alliance supports the SMARTI-ETN (European Training Network) project led by the Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC) of the University of Nottingham (UNOTT).

SMARTI-ETN trains 15 early stage researchers within a stimulating platform where key stakeholders of the transport infrastructure sector work alongside worldwide experts (developers of high-tech sensors, advanced monitoring equipment, automated structures, etc.) with direct support from roads, railways and airports managers.

The project includes a high level four-year training programme which is international, multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral, and is tailored to 15 early stage researchers who will be developing individual research projects with the cooperation of partners from both public (research centres) and private sector (industries/companies).  

For more information about the SMARTI-ETN project and to find out about vacancies in SMARTI-ETN host institutions, visit the project’s website here.