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03 Apr News coverage of the HIPEBA project

The Spanish public television LA1, the private Spanish channel Cuatro and El Norte de Castilla newspaper have covered a real scale demonstration of safety barriers crash test resulting from the the latest findings of the HIPEBA Consortium research. The test, carried at the CIDAUT Foundation facilities, shows a 44 tones truck impacting the road safety barriers at a speed of 70 km/h.

This test demonstrate the potential in using HPS (High Performance Steels) in road restrain systems. The limited deformation level of the barriers, the lack of potentially hazardous projectiles and fragments, and the successful truck redirection without rolling over or hitting dangerous obstacles confirms the excellent absorption capabilities of the HIPEBA road safety barriers.

The HIPEBA Consortium will keep striving to achieve its objective in developing safer and more competitive road restraint systems by using high-performance steels.