10 Aug HIPEBA project ends confirming positive results for High Performance Steels (HPS) in road safety barriers

On 30 June 2017, the HIPEBA project has officially ended. Over the last three years, the Consortium has assessed how High Performance Steels (HPS) used in the context of Road Restraint Systems (RRS) can increase their containment level while reducing the cost of industrial production of such systems.

HIPEBA has performed a series of material behaviour tests in order to rank different steel grades based on tensile, strain and formability stress performance. Lab research paved the way for successful real scale crash demonstrations, in cooperation with international industrial partners able to manufacture the high performance safety barriers.

The crash tests performed during the project cycle demonstrated how, by using HPS, the weight of the RRS is dramatically reduced by 23-25%, while the energy absorption capability is increased by 40% compared to conventional systems. The HPS developed by the HIPEBA Consortium ensure safe redirection of truck weighting up to 44 tons hitting the barriers at a speed up to 70 km/h. Finally, the HPS allow a reduction of 8-10% in price and ensure life cost reduction of 4-5%.

As a follow-up, the HIPEBA Consortium members have committed to disseminate these findings to general & specialised media, decision-makers and industry organisations in order to further promote the use of HPS in road safety barriers.

Read more about the HIPEBA project here.